KD Publishing Pro – Whitelabel License

Product: KD Publishing Pro (Whitelabel License)
Vendor: Dave Guindon & Bobby Walker
Payment Processor: ProductPay
Category: Kindle Publishing
Official Website: Click Here While It’s Still Available
$497 (Note That The $197 Special Price Is No Longer Being Offered)

About KD Publishing Pro (Whitelabel License)

Kindle Publishing Pro

Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker are offering Whitelabel License to their KD Publishing Pro – A Complete Kindle Marketing Software Suite that has banked them over $316,000 and continues to make them an average of $2000 to $4000 per month.

If you have buyers who are Kindle Publishers, you can definitely promote to them this Kindle Marketing Software Suite and make a profit out of it!

Watch This Introductory Video To Understand What You Will Be Getting

What You Can Do With Your White Label License:

  1. Full Reseller License to the Two Softwares which means you can set your OwnPricing
  2. Full Software Source Code and the Full Editing Rights to the Source Code

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>> Click Here To Get The KD Publishing Pro White Label Package

This Is What Your KD Publishing Pro White Label Package Includes:

#1 – KD Publisher Pro (Windows Software)

The KD Publisher Pro obliterates the most frustrating problems that most Kindle Publishers face – Formatting Issues like Weird Coding Bugs, Wacky Layouts and Messed Up Fonts!

The KD Publishing Pro Allows You:

  • Create New Kindle-Ready Books within the Control Panel
  • Upload Existing Books to edit or just format for Kindle
  • Automatically format your Entire Book for Kindle
  • Automatically insert and format the Table Of Content

Features That Come With KD Publishing Pro

  • Synonym Replacement Feature
  • Push Button Marketplace Submissions without having to log into KDP
  • Multiple Kindle Accounts – Great for Publishing Agencies
  • Total Kindle Management (Submissions, Uploads and Working Files in one Single Control Panel)
  • Integrated Sales Reporting
  • Delayed Book Submission (For Preventing Red Flags at Amazon If There’s Multiple Publishing of Books Per Session)

#2 – KD Submitter Pro (Windows Software)

KD Submitter Pro allows you and your buyers to submit Teaser Book Samples to dozens of Popular eBook Directories for free and at the push of a button

Features That Come With KD Submitter Pro

  • Choose from dozens of eBook Directories which you can filter through their Alexa Traffic Rankings and their SEO Backlink Power and do an Auto-Submit
  • Select and Submit your Book Teaser, along with a link back to your Main Paid Listing on Kindle
  • Enhance your Submission with a Title, Author, Description, Category, Tags and URLs
  • Bypass the Captcha with an Auto Captcha Setting

#3 – KD reBrander Tool

You can make this Software completely unique with the KD reBrander Tool. This Tool comes with 50 different rebranding options like:

  • Renaming it
  • Add your own “About” and “Copyright” Sections
  • Change the Entire Color Scheme

#4 – Brand New Sales Copy

To Start Offering Your Very Own Kindle Marketing Software Suite…

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